GDPR – Data Protection Policy and other really important stuff…

I know, I know, How many more of those pesky 'LET'S KEEP IN TOUCH' emails are we going to get? GDPR - or the General Data Protection Regulation, to give it its full name - has been the bane of most SMEs lives for about 12 months, and a big portion of the work at Sharp Communication marine PR & marketing agency.

The legal framework has been available for over a year. But, the majority of companies have still struggled to become compliant or understand their obligations.

General Data Protection Regulation Scammers

Scammers are making hay during the uncertainty by scaring people with warnings about massive fines and imprisonment. Ironically, the scammers are using email campaigns that contravene the very same law that they are warning people to comply with.

Concise legal advice is scarce and anyone who has tried to watch the ICO's video guidelines is now wishing they had done so well before the May 25th deadline.

For fear of being left out in this blizzard of confusion, Sharp Communication would like to point you in the direction of it's shiny new Data Protection Policy.

Sensible Advice

If you want some sensible advice about what you are required to do in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, why not drop us a line - I promise, we won't report you to the authorities for misusing our email address, or lock you up.

Sharp Communication marine PR & marketing agency can also give you some great advice about your Public Relations and Marketing output, to ensure you are getting the best value for money from all of your marketing spend.